BALISTIK Defence is licensed by Ministry of Defence itself as producer and exporter company. By planning and effective research and development in the Project it has started to produce COSMOS Bolt Action Rifle, which has 1MOA shooting precision in long-range  with 1.100 to 1.600 meters of effective shooting range.

   COSMOS is one of the Bolt Action Rifles which is  7.62x51mm(.308) and 5.56x45mm(.223) calibers. There is almost no resiliance during shooting with COSMOS.


   COSMOS provides customisation to its user with its adjustable stock and ergonomically designed fore-end and  changable perecision/weight in single stage trigger which is in MIL SPEC standards. Trigger weight can be adjusted between 600gr and 1500 gr and trigger itself can be positioned in three axis.


   The magazine of COSMOS is a polymer magazine in MILC SPEC standards. Capacity is designed as 5+1 and 10+1.


   Standard barrel length is 24”/61 cm. Rifle inside of the barrel is made by two diferent methods such as Broach and Button. There is a 22mm 0MOA  piccatiny rail on the body and also a long piccatiny under the stock.

   The piccatiny rail on the body is fixed on the body with four screws, it can be adjusted.